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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch 3Whether you have an Apple Watch 3 and just want to compare, or you’re intending to buy either of these gadgets and want to decide who’s best, this article will be a great help for you to make up your mind on who wins in the comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy Watch vs the Apple Watch 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch versus Apple Watch 3 

Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 3: Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The optical heart rate sensor delivers quite reliable readings that are especially accurate with low to mid-intensity exercises.

The Apple Watch 3:

Apple has provided the Watch 3 with the vital heart rate monitoring feature that keeps track of your heart beats and rates throughout the day, and gives you stats to indicate how well your heart’s health is.

Apple Watch 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch: Activity tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch counts your steps and tracks activities like running, and it’s good at picking up brisk walks –but you have to do it for 10 minutes minimum-. It also offers rep counting for exercises like crunches and squats.

The Apple Watch 3:

The Apple Watch 3 automatically tracks your step-count, distance you’ve walked or ran and calories you’ve burned. It has a 3-ring feature that includes moving, exercising, and standing, and which helps and motivates to you reach a daily goal for each of them to keep your health at an optimum level. When you run, it displays some information related to your running which are time, distance, current pace, average pace, heart rate, active calories or total calories.

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Differences Between Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch 3: GPS

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

Samsung has done its watch a great favor adding a built-in GPS service to allow you to track distance and pace in real-time instead of waiting for the phone to transfer the data.

The Apple Watch 3:

The Apple Watch 3 also has GPS services to keep a more accurate and interactive track of your steps and distance moved.

Which Is Better Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch 3: Water Resistance

Neither of the Samsung Galaxy Watch or the Apple watch 3 is swim-proof so you’d have to take them off during swimming or showers, although they’re IP68 rated so you can get in the water with them on up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

The Apple Watch 3:

You can swim with your Apple Watch 3 on in a pool or open water. While you’re floating and diving about, the watch keeps track of your activity, the stroke you used to swim (which is automatically recognized), distance, workout time, pool length, laps completed, average pace, average heart rate, active calories burned, and total calories burned. It also displays the weather at your location.

Apple Watch 3 or Samsung Galaxy Watch: Floors Climbed

Both trackers have an altimeter that keeps track of the floors you’ve climbed throughout the day, during which you burn more calories than usual.

The Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 3: Battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can only last three to four days maximally, and the duration highly depends on the features you use.

The Apple Watch 3:

Sadly, the Apple Watch 3’s battery life is one of the shortest out there with an average of just 18 hours. This means that if you want it to last you the whole day, you’d need to give up many features.

Apple Watch Series 3 or Galaxy Watch: Caller ID and Text Messages

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch sends you notifications of texts, calls, emails, and calendar alerts, however, you can’t send quick replies with it.

The Apple Watch 3:

Like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the Apple Watch 3 delivers notifications of texts, calls, and emails, and it also lets you send quick replies.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 3: Design

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has more of a sporty look with a textured rubber strap which looks attractive. Although its clasp may have a tendency to come loose sometimes. Its dimensions are 1.96 x 1.67 x 0.45 and its weight is 0.8 pounds.

The Apple Watch 3:

The Apple Watch 3 is made of strong and durable aluminum, its dimensions are 1 x 0.3 x 1 inches and it weighs 0.96 pounds.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The 1.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen screen is a top-notch display that beats many rivals as it’s bright and has superb vivid colors.

The Apple Watch 3:

The quality of the OLED Retina display is strengthened by the Force Touch Ion-X glass which results in a very attractive and sustainable display. The smaller sized watch has a display of 340 x 272 pixels while the bigger one has a 390 x 312 pixels resolution.


Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch allows you to play music from Spotify as well as music stored directly to the device.

The Apple Watch 3:

The Apple Watch 3 comes with a satisfactory 16 GB storage which allows you to store music and play it from the Apple Music directly to the watch. It has some connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, WiFi, LTE, and UMTS cellular radio.

You can also use your Apple Watch 3 to make online payments.


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