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How Do Fitness Trackers Track Sleep?

The simple answer to this is comprised of two components: Heart rate monitoring and an accelerometer. Heart rate monitoring is a vital feature that fitness trackers have and it tracks your heart rate throughout the day and during the various kinds of activities you do. They can, with statistics, tell which of your heart rates […]

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Are HDR Gaming Monitors Worth It? [Answered]

Are High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming monitors worth buying? It is a common known fact that technology is a forever evolving theory thus it never stops at one point and it keeps generating new and certainly improved gadgets or features that make our lives more easier.Is An HDR Monitor Worth It?Let us start with the […]

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How Do Fitness Trackers Measure Calories Burned?

When purchasing a fitness tracker that has a calorie burned indicator feature, you must ask yourself how would a fitness tracker calculate the amount of burned calories? If we are going to be real, the thought of it being just a smartwatch wrapped around your hand must have occurred to you, how does it function? […]

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How Do Fitness Trackers Track Heart Rate?

Lately fitness trackers have invaded the sports world by a storm, it is quite rare now to find a fitness tracker that does not have a heart rate tracking feature. The big questions here are how does it do that? And how precise can it be? Usually any fitness tracker can also measure your activities […]

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Is A 4K Monitor Worth It?

Today’s technology is a booming market full of exciting and innovative products and new learning opportunities; the 4K feature started rolling out a few years ago into the market and apparently they are here to stay. You must be bombarded with many thoughts and questions thus we are here to tackle all of them down […]

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