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How to Pick The Right Fitness Tracker for Your Kid

When choosing a fitness tracker that would suit the use of a child, you should keep in mind a few things that would facilitate their operation of the device. They would probably enjoy something that is interactive and integrates fun into its work. You’d also need a device that’s easily handled and taken care of, […]

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OLED vs LCD vs Plasma – What’s the Difference?

The long story short is that OLED and Plasma screens have each of their pixels produce their own light, while LCD ones depend on a backlight. This makes the former types capable of displaying truly black colors, while those of the latter would seem more like dark gray.Plasma screens are no longer produced though because […]

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What You Need to Know about Monitor Response Time

Is A Monitor’s Response Time Really Important for You?Response time is basically the time it takes a pixel to change from either black to white or from one shade of gray to another. The lower the response time, the better the performance of the monitor. You get 2 options, either a low response time of 1 […]

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What Is FreeSync For Monitors And Is It Worth It?

When you’re buying a product and you see that it supports FreeSync, what is this supposed to mean? Does it matter if your monitor supports FreeSync? To know that, you simply need to understand what AMD’s FreeSync is. When you’re displaying content on your monitor, your GPU renders frames and transfers them to the display. The display […]

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How Do Fitness Trackers Track Sleep?

The simple answer to this is comprised of two components: Heart rate monitoring and an accelerometer. Heart rate monitoring is a vital feature that fitness trackers have and it tracks your heart rate throughout the day and during the various kinds of activities you do. They can, with statistics, tell which of your heart rates […]

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