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Best Smartwatch for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus – Buyer’s Guide

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With its most recent innovation, Samsung has brought the Galaxy S10 to the market, and it’s quite impressive.If you’re big on fitness tracking, you’re probably going to be excited to use your new phone to bring out the best in this field. We’ll bring you a step closer by recommending you the best smartwatches  Samsung S10 […]

Foldable Phone : Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X vs Motorola Razr vs Xiaomi Mi Fold

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Foldable Phone Comparison After fading away as cell phones became “smart phones,” the foldable phone is probably to make a comeback.1Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huaw​​​​ei Mate X2Samsung Galaxy Fold3​Huawei Mate X 4Motorola Razr 2019 5Sharp Concept Foldable phone6 Xiaomi Mi Fold7​What do we know about foldable screen phone? Mobile phones have been around longer than most people realize. On March […]

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: Which is Best?

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If you want to get a ​top-notch smartwatch in 2019, you can’t go wrong with either the Apple Watch Series 4 or Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.  You might be hesitant to make a choice between them, so in this article, we’ll spare you the time and effort by comparing the two and determining which one beats […]

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Ionic – Which is Best?

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If you’re wondering if you should buy the Apple Watch Series 4 or Fitbit Ionic, this article will help you make a decision as it covers all the points and aspects you might consider when you’re making a comparison.Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Ionic: Specs ComparedFeaturesApple Watch 4Fitbit IonicRelease DateSeptember 20181st of October 2017Battery Life18 […]

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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Shopping for a fitness tracker can be an overwhelming thing to do with all the choices and options you have to choose from. This is why we’ve made this list where we gather the best fitness trackers in 2019, to help you choose the fitness tracker that will start the new year’s journey towards health with […]

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

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The Apple Watch Series 4 maintains the non-circular shape that is out of the norm of smartwatches in 2019, and it’s not just its shape that is out of the norm. Its performance is quite astounding, the technology integrated into it is amazing, and its sensors are more accurate than ever. Let’s dive into it. […]

Best Fitbit 2019: Which Fitbit is Right for You?

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If you’re planning to change your Fitbit device or to purchase a new Fitbit for 2019, you’re probably overwhelmed by the range of choices you have. However, this article will give you the best suggestions and help you pick the best Fitbit 2019 according to your needs and use.Check out our full guide for the best […]

How to Secure Your Home Network from Hackers – Full Guide

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In a place with many devices that connect to the internet like an office or at home, there’s always a router that provides this WiFi connection. As time passes and the password to that router gets spread around, it’s easier for your network to be compromised. The fact that a WiFi signal can extend to neighboring […]

Fossil Q Venture HR Review – A Stylish Fossil Watch for Women

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Taking the stylish look and elegant design of the former Fossil Q and adding so much more to it, the Fossil Q Venture HR is ready to amaze you with both its looks and its performance. Who said you can’t combine beauty with brains? That’s what the Venture HR does exactly.Fossil Q Venture HR In-Depth ReviewThe […]